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Angela Lansbury and Beatrice Arthur in Mame

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Do you ever get to a part of the book where you get so angry with the main character because he just did something you specifically asked him not to do and now you’re going to have to sit there and watch as he tries to deal with all of the problems that his mistake brought about when, if he had just listened to you in the first place, it would have all been fine?

Books, TV, movies…. all my fandoms. When are you just going to listen to me next time CHARLES CARSON?!

This is so me!

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“So delighting, it will run for fifty years!”



“So delighting, it will run for fifty years!”


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I wish I could sleep without nightmares or be awake without wanting to wretch. My bottom hurts. My heat pad is broken.

This is not a good night.

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Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?

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I don’t care what Jo Rowling says, these two were totally married.

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